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BIGCHEM GmbH develops and markets innovative IT solutions for the prediction of important properties of chemicals and drugs, especially physical and ("drug-like") characteristics.

We are an enterprise solution provider committed to long-term partnerships with our customers. For the full range of small to large business organizations, we offer business consulting and IT infrastructure solutions that enable our clients to exploit the potential of an up-to date in-silico property prediction infrastructure with minimum effort.

The central product of BIGCHEM is OCHEM, a web-based database system that links the molecular structures of chemical substances to their physical and ADME / Tox characteristics. Based on a comprehensive data collection and excellent algorithms, the properties of new substances can be estimated accurately. Chemoinformaticians in from all over the world constantly add new information to the publicly accessible version, which are then associated with current, publicly available data and the specific expertise of BIGCHEM.

Our development efforts are focused on the identification of reliable predictions. Our technology allows to quickly develop high quality prediction models. BIGCHEM thus contributes to realizing the full potential of computer technology in the chemical industry. We make it easy to avoid misinterpretations of model results.

The high accuracy of our method was confirmed in multiple published studies with large pharmaceutical companies. We have developed special software solutions for our industrial customers that allow quick adaptation to individual requirements.


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The InChI Trust develops and supports the non-proprietary IUPAC InChI standard and promotes its uses to the scientific community.

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